Don't Call Me Mama But Yes I Am Your Mama is the ugly adventure of a Genomster engineer doing her best to create a strong creature for cool battles before her power gets shut off in five days. 

You can play it here in your browser or download the .gb file to play in any Game Boy emulator, or even load it onto a Game Boy cart to play on actual hardware if you're up for it.

This game was made entirely in GB Studio, free software created by Chris Maltby 
All sprite work was created in Aseprite
Development was supervised by the live chat and YouTube comments of the Easy Allies community.
Everything else was created, designed, and implemented by yours truly, Kyle Bosman.

If you'd like to further explore the world of Genomsters in a strictly non-canonical expanded universe, it's highly recommended that you check out Danielle Gaiden from Tobi


DontCallMeMamaV2 (2).gb 1 MB


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Keyboard controls? I'm not getting past "Hello. I'm Onessa." for some reason.

Nevermind, bashed enough keys and figured it out... I think.

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For anyone interested on a GBA version of the rom: (identical to DontCallMeMamaV2 (2).gb, this is just a simple conversion). 

Press L+R to change palletes (scroll to the first one to get grayscale, and the second for shades of green). You can also save/load states on your actual device. PS: I tried to use bit ly but wouldn't let me.

I love Onessa! Great humor, as to be expected from THE Kyle Bosman! But on one playthrough I pushed the trash can in front of the doorway in the billionaire's office and it trapped me inside forcing me  to restart! (The lesson here is, I guess, to leave the billionaire's rubbish undisturbed? WHAT DOES IT MEAN?)

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Great game, I got the Snake genomster :) I used the Goomba Emulator to convert the gb rom to gba and play on my game boy micro, it was so good! It's has savestates so it really helped get different endings. I'm kind proud I got the S Chip first try and very embarrassed I mess up the "box pushing puzzle" . I guess I'm dumb like Danielle. Ps: That ultimate ray was really disturbing. 

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Great work Kyle! I had to learn this the hard way, but with so many keys on the keyboard, you need a screen at the beginning that shows you which buttons you will use such as "Press Z". instead of "press start".  I'm so stoked to play more of your games!


I believe the idea behind the key choices was that it could be played on an actual GameBoy

Wonderful job, Kyle. I love the attention to details. Any plans for a Box Peek GB game when the series is done? ;). L&R


I wish I had this game on my GB pocket as a kid, maybe I would've been a litte more ruthless. :P Fantastic game Kyle!